Asset Recovery

7.6 Billion tons of industrial waste are disposed of each year in the US*

Our mission is to reduce waste by providing a sustainable solution for surplus industrial assets.

Aucto Asset Recovery System (ARS) has transformed the way businesses manage their industrial assets. Gone are the days of linear supply chains filled with manual processes and excess waste. Organizations have leveraged our platform to enable a circular economy which has helped streamline operations, recover value from surplus assets, and achieve their environmental and green initiatives.

Our values

Be All-In

Aucto has big aspirations and our team has the conviction and commitment to help us achieve them! We believe in doing the dirty work required to be successful and treating every problem like it's your own.

Progress Over Perfection

We fight complacency and forget about perfection. Our goal is to continuously improve at everything we do.

Embrace Urgency

Today is always better than tomorrow. We are more afraid of missing opportunities than of making mistakes from moving too fast.

Be Bold

We believe in asking questions, challenging consensus, and not being afraid to try things.

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Want to join our team?

We are always looking for exceptional people that are excited about what we are building and eager to make a difference

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Benefits & perks

Financial wellbeing

Competitive compensation
packages that include both
salary and equity.

Health and wellness

Comprehensive medical,
dental, and vision benefits.

Work life balance

Flexible PTO policies, company
holidays, and an emphasis on
actually using them.

Team focused

Open, diverse, and inclusive
environment with regular team
events and swag mixed in.

Personal growth

Regular coaching, business
transparency, collaborative
problem solving, and lots of room
to operate outside of your
comfort zone.

Remote friendly

We have team members across
the americas and are open to
remote with the occasional