Our Asset Recovery Solutions

Sell Your Assets on the Aucto Marketplace

Sell your surplus and used industrial equipment quickly and efficiently to buyers from all over the world. There is no risk and no cost to sell on our Marketplace, and you could set up your industrial equipment auctions in just a few minutes. Our customized marketing programs ensure your Sale Event will attract the right buyers to ensure you get the highest net recovery possible.

Simplify Asset Management with Aucto ARS

Gain visibility on all surplus assets across your organization and manage the entire asset lifecycle from identification to disposition with Aucto ARS. Our unique software platform enables companies to streamline the process, including workflows, automation,  and communication needed to manage and properly disposition surplus equipment, materials, and parts.

Aucto Asset Valuation Tool

Know Your Assets' Worth With the Asset Valuation Tool

Want to know what your used or surplus assets are worth on the second market? Our Asset Valuation Tool can help you take the guesswork out of your asset’s value, by giving you insights into the current selling price of your assets. Search for equipment individually, by category or brand, or upload your inventory list to get see what the return on your surplus assets could look like.

Aucto Onsite Services

Get Full Support with Additional Onsite Services

Don’t have the resources or personnel to manage your asset recovery initiatives? Leverage our team’s decades of industrial asset recovery experience for a comprehensive approach to your projects. From asset cataloging to managing large-scale disposition projects, Aucto offers a variety of onsite services. Our teams can quickly mobilize to your facilities and manage the entire asset disposition process, freeing up your internal resources to focus on your core business.

Recover Value From Assets in Facility Closures

Our team of experts has decades of experience helping organizations manage the entire end-to-end process of recovering value from assets during a facility closure. Our solutions are designed to be seamless and easy, allowing you to focus on other critical priorities in the project while receiving the best possible return on your assets.

Facility Closure Final

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