Project Management Services

Our Asset Recovery experts are here to assist you with maximizing recovery on every asset within your facility. We can help manage the entire process and provide best practices to mitigate potential risks.

Sell Your Assets

Sell all your assets and equipment on one easy to use marketplace. Our dedicated Buyer Marketing team will create a customize campaign just for your Sale Event(s) to attract the right buyers and enable a quick and seamless process to recover value from your assets.

We Know the Challenges You Face. And We Can Help.

Recover Maximum Value from Assets

Organizations face immense pressure to ensure they retain as much value as possible from all the assets at the facility.  When you sell your assets on the Aucto Marketplace, there are no commissions or listing fees and you keep 100% of the selling price from your sale.

Ensure Health and Safety Regulations are Met

Decommissioning an entire facility is a lot of work, the last thing you want to deal with is a health and safety or environmental policy violation. Our team ensures that the right protocols are being followed, from equipment inspection to rigging. The health and safely of everyone involved, including employees, third party vendors and ultimately buyers are our top priority, and we ensure anyone on site remains safe and in compliance with even the strictest policies.

Limited Internal Resources

Managing a facility closure can be extremely labor intensive and time-consuming, which can take you away from other priorities within your organization. Aucto can provide you with a full team of experts to manage the entire project from project plan creation, asset cataloging, to managing inspections, all the way through to the end of the sale and removal allowing you to focus on your other priorities.

Meet Critical Timelines

Facility closures often operate within a tight timeline. You must ensure all equipment is removed and everything is cleaned up by a certain date. Aucto’s dedicated project manager will help coordinate and monitor milestones to keep the project running smoothly to meet that final deadline.

Not Sure Where To Start?

Download our latest eBook – ‘How to Manage Your Assets in a Facility Closure from Start to Finish’ to help start your project today.

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