We’re here to help support your asset recovery strategy every step of the way.

Looking to maximize the value of your assets but struggling to find the resources to execute your asset recovery strategy properly? This is right in our wheelhouse. The Aucto team can help provide additional services to ensure you get the most value out of your surplus assets.

Asset Cataloging

Aucto will mobilize a team of asset catalogers to capture the following details for all your assets: technical details, images, videos, service records supporting documentation, and other relevant information on all capital assets onsite. These details will be summarized into a Site Asset Catalog and uploaded into your Aucto account. Your team will gain real-time visibility into the asset base and will be able to redeploy, transfer or designate the asset for resale.

Our cataloging services include:

Asset Preparation

Facility Walk Through, Cleaning and Staging, Categorization, Identification Process, and Data Collection


High quality image capturing, video capturing of assets, and media upload

Data Capture

Description Creation, Documentation Collection, and Documentation Upload

Project Management

For projects that require full time coordination and tight timelines, our clients often choose to have an onsite Aucto project manager to oversee all aspects of the project. Our project manager works on your behalf to create a detailed project plan, partner with stakeholders, and ensure the objectives outlined in the early stages of the project are met on time, on spec, and on budget. They are here for you to look after the entire asset recovery project, from the initial cataloging sessions all the way to asset removal, so that we can mitigate risks before they arise and ensure whatever asset recovery strategy you decide on is a success.


Our Project Management services include:

Onsite Inspections

Host onsite inspections, answer questions from interested buyers, and ensure all onsite inspections are done safely


Collects rigging quotes for removals, coordinates removal, and manage external riggers


Schedule buyer payments, coordinate schedules with buyers to remove sold assets, and ensure all health and safety guidelines are followed

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