AUCTO.COM announces a major upgrade and revamp to its industrial equipment marketplace

Published on: October 27, 2020, 04:50 PM EST

AUCTO 2.0 will introduce new marketplace software that will make buying and selling industrial equipment easier.

BUFFALO, N.Y., June 18, 2018,/PRNewswire/ — AUCTO.COM, an online marketplace for surplus and used industrial equipment, today announced a major upgrade and revamp (AUCTO 2.0) to its online auction platform and marketplace. Launching on July 1st, AUCTO 2.0 will introduce many new features designed to improve functionality, accessibility, and reporting. The upgrade will also include features to better promote sales and make it easier for buyers to purchase industrial equipment.

Jamil Rahman, AUCTO.COM’s Founder and CEO, comments: “AUCTO was born out of our recognition that the dominant liquidation model was not meeting the needs of sellers or buyers. While we accomplished our initial goal of providing a transparent, simple, and effective platform to list, sell and purchase surplus industrial assets, to meet our users’ ever-changing needs and demands, we know we need to constantly improve our marketplace.”

To enhance both the buying and selling experience on AUCTO.COM, AUCTO 2.0’s new features include fixed-price and offer-based listings, improved equipment categories and subcategories, a better layout and landing page design, as well as a dedicated mobile bidding engine designed to provide a feature-rich bidding platform for buyers using a mobile device. AUCTO 2.0 also offers an industry-first Voice over Online Auction feature which allows sellers to broadcast live sound over their online auctions- providing bidders with important information on machinery as it’s being sold. Additional features specific to sellers include an improved back-end structure, API interface to bulk upload listings as well as seller stores.

For a list of the update’s new features and how they will affect your buying and selling experience on AUCTO.COM, visit our blog.


AUCTO.COM is an online marketplace for used and surplus industrial equipment and machinery. Its platform allows sellers to list and sell their surplus industrial assets via online auctions and fixed priced listings. Unlike other listing platforms, AUCTO.COM actively markets assets on behalf of its sellers through email, social, PPC, and telemarketing campaigns. For buyers, it provides an opportunity for businesses and equipment dealers to source industrial parts and machinery at liquidation pricing.

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