4 Advantages of Online Auctions for Selling Industrial Equipment

Article Written By: Clayton Arnold

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  • Attract Buyers Globally
  • Convenience
  • Easier To Set Up
  • Control

Most manufacturing organizations these days are adapting their business strategies to survive the difficult economic situation. The workforce reduction is usually the last resort, meaning, that leadership must ensure they are employing other strategies to sustain the company’s profitability. Selling your used and surplus industrial equipment is one option to generate immediate cash while reducing overhead costs such as maintenance or holding costs. One of the quickest and easiest ways to sell industrial equipment is via an online auction platform. In this article, we will discuss 4 advantages that online auction platforms have for selling industrial equipment.

4 Advantages of Selling Industrial Equipment Through an Online Machinery Auction

Attract Buyers Globally

One of the biggest advantages of an machinery auction, when compared to other in-person selling options, is the ability to attract buyers. When you sell industrial equipment in an online auction, you are able to attract buyers from all over the world. This allows for more competition in the sale, resulting in a higher selling value for your assets. In addition to attracting more competitive buyers, you are able to sell more specialized and difficult-to-sell equipment as the potential audience globally is much larger than local buyers. 


One of the major advantages of an online auction is the convenience of the entire process. You are able to sell your assets directly from your facility without having to worry about any shipping or logistics. This allows you to sell everything from its original location. You can also set up and manage the entire process from anywhere in the world. Lastly, you don’t need to worry about payment details or trying to find buyers. Your marketplaces will attract buyers to your sales for you and manage the invoicing and payment collection aspect of the sale, allowing you to focus on your core tasks. 

Easy To Set Up

Online auctions can be set up fairly easily on certain platforms.  It bypasses the process of traditional auctions or other sales types, where you need to collect all the equipment in one location and ship it to the sales location before selling. All you need to do is take a couple of pictures of the equipment, add a few details such as the lot title, description, and specs, and watch as the lot gets added to your account. From there in only a few clicks you have your auction set up and running. It is the fastest and easiest way to sell industrial equipment. 


When you host your own online auctions you are in complete control of the entire sales process. You are able to select what you sell when you want to sell it, to whom you want to sell it, and the selling price of the equipment. When compared to other selling methods like auctioneers online auctions offer organizations superior control.

Choose Aucto for Selling Industrial Equipment

Aucto is a marketplace for enterprises that enables them to recover cash from surplus assets. Our marketplace makes it possible for companies to find these assets across their enterprise, evaluate them, and then resell them in both private and public markets. Buyers from all over the world can use the public marketplace to buy surplus equipment, machinery, and parts, directly from some of the largest companies at fair market value.

For more information on the advantages of online auctions for selling industrial equipment, visit aucto.com or call us at (844) 326-7305 today.

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