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If you’ve turned on the news or opened any major news website recently, you are likely seeing more and more stories about the current supply chain crisis. With frequent delays and supply shortages in many parts of the world, we have heard many discussions focused on how to fix the perceived issues.

Recently, our Founder and CEO, Jamil Rahman, was asked to provide his expertise on the situation by reporter Christina Lopez of Fox 26 News in Fresno, California.

Jamil shared his thoughts around how businesses could navigate through the supply chain struggles. Whether it is sourcing internally from other locations within an organization or leveraging the growing second market as a source to purchase surplus parts and machines, he provided some great alternatives to sourcing critical items needed to continue operations.

“It [sourcing from the second market] has a lot of benefits,” Jamil states in the interview. “Number one: it supports our regional economy. Number two: it reduces lead time, so you can get that piece of equipment immediately. It reduces the cost, and, of course, it’s good for the environment as well.”
To read the complete interview with Fox 26 News and Jamil, click the link below.

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We want to thank Christina Lopez and Fox 26 News for taking the time to speak with us to uncover how a powerful and agile second market can help shift the traditional supply chain and put more buying power behind businesses.

If you have any questions about our recent interview, we would love to hear from you. Simply email us at  to share your feedback or ask us any questions. Or, book a meeting with one of our Asset Recovery experts if you want to see how Aucto can help your organization develop a more sustainable supply chain.

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