Aucto named one of the 23 most promising B2B Marketplaces of 2022 by Business Insider

Article Written By: Clayton Arnold

The way we do business is changing. We are leveraging technology more than ever in an attempt to do more, for less, all while trying to positively impact the bottom line. This revolution has led to a dramatic increase in the number of B2B Marketplaces. Once thought to be only suitable for B2C, Marketplaces are changing the way businesses buy, sell and exchange goods and services. It is an exciting time to be in this industry with new and innovative marketplaces launching everyday. 

Recently, Aucto was named as one of the 23 most promising B2B Marketplaces of 2022, in an article published by

We want to thank Stephanie Palazzolo from Business Insider and Pete Flint from NFX, who recognized our potential in helping businesses find a more sustainable outcome for their industrial surplus. We’d also like to thank our customers, partners, and investors, as this would not have been possible without their support. 

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