Over the last two days, our CEO & Founder, Jamil Rahman and our COO and Head of Product, Lucas Flosi joined an esteemed group of professionals at the ISG TechXchange event to learn about the latest and greatest in manufacturing technology. From deploying technology solutions securely at scale to best practices on industrializing the boardroom to meeting sustainability goals, the two days were jam packed with educational and interactive sessions. 

At the end of day one, Jamil participated in the ISG Start Up Challenge. The ask was simple – in seven minutes or less, pitch to the audience how Aucto’s solutions could help solve the rising challenges of today’s manufacturing industry. Jamil shared how Aucto’s industrial surplus asset management solution could help manufacturing companies with saving costs, streamlining processes, meeting compliance requirements and achieving ESG goals. After the pitch, a panel of judges asked the participants a series of thought provoking questions and at the end, the audience was asked to judge the solution they felt would be most beneficial for their organization.  

The crowd has spoken and the results are in! An overwhelming 59% of the audience felt Aucto’s solution could clearly solve a problem they were facing today. Industrial surplus asset management can be a complex and convoluted journey but Jamil was able to help the audience see the benefits of simplifying the process to create a strategy that could help identify and manage their surplus industrial assets. Whether its to sell machinery, or manage or find better ways to utilize surplus heavy equipment, AuctoARS and Aucto Marketplace can help. 



Congratulations to the Aucto team!  We want to thank the ISG team for inviting us to participate in such a great event and are looking forward to connecting with some of the audience members post conference.

For more information on Aucto’s asset recovery solutions, fill out the Talk to Us form. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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