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Article Written By: Clayton Arnold

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of the new Aucto website. Our team has been working hard to create an engaging experience and provide more relevant and thought-provoking content for our visitors. This new site brings some exciting features and pages for our visitors to enjoy.

Our team met in Q4 to discuss and really hone in on the key things we wanted our visitors to be able to do on our website, without any roadblocks.  If this wasn’t happening already, we made it our mission to ensure we would change that experience. Our goal was to improve user experience, regardless of the visitor being a top-rated seller or a new buyer. 

The New Benefits

Getting in touch with us is always just one click away. 

You can now speak with one of our Asset Recovery experts easily by clicking on either the CTA button on our primary navigation at the top or a sticky button on the right side of your screen.

Get to More Relevant Content Quickly

We launched several new pages to provide our users with more content that could help address what they were looking for. We added a new Asset Recovery menu section, which enables visitors to find information on our services and solutions, including our Asset Valuation Tool, Facility Closure Services, and Onsite Services


Solve Asset Recovery Challenges by Industry

Based on our decades of experience working with various industries, we also created dedicated content by industry to address specific needs. For the initial launch, you can find our Automotive, Energy, and Utilities pages, with more pages to follow shortly. 

Stay Up to Date On All Our Latest Content

The final area in the redesign is our new Resources section. This area will house all our thought leadership content, our ebooks, as well as a fresh new look for our blog. This section will provide our users with the latest information from the Asset Recovery & Asset Management industry. 

Our work is not done yet! Over the next several weeks, we will continue to introduce new and exciting features and exclusive content to the website so stay tuned. We’re changing the way organizations think of asset management and recovery…one page at a time.


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