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Article Written By: Fiona Chan

Over the years, we’ve developed a great web-based solution to help our clients continue to recover value from their surplus equipment and machinery and clear out precious and expensive storage space in a quick and easy manner.  Most of our clients have an ongoing relationship with us and have a specific cadence on when they want to use our services to catalog their surplus assets and then eventually sell them on the Aucto Marketplace.

As our business grew, we also saw many organizations who were going through facility closures experience huge benefits in using our services and our platform to wind down and handle their end-to-end asset disposition process.  Many project management teams or plant managers that contacted us already had a lot on their plate related to the closure and really, just needed someone to come in and take the whole asset disposition process off their hands so they could focus on the other mounting and pressing priorities.  We ended up developing a lot of experience in this space and have seen, first-hand time and time again, how organizations have been able to successfully navigate through facility closures and the pitfalls to avoid.

Our clients consistently choose us over other solutions because of the 4 benefits we were able to deliver for them:

  • Manage and simplify the end to end asset disposition process
  • Help the team stay on track and meet critical timelines
  • Recover one of the highest returns in the industry on the surplus assets
  • Ensure initiatives were completed in accordance with health and safety regulations

We sat down with our team of Asset Recovery Experts to pick their brains and put together a compilation of best practices to follow in a successful asset disposition process within a facility closure.  Whether you decide to use our solution to help or any other in-house or third-party solution, these tips are great to keep in mind to help ensure you stay on track during your facility closure process. We recognize it’s a daunting project and sometimes, it helps to just have a place to start.

Download our latest eBook – How to Manage Your Assets in a Facility Closure From Start to Finish today.

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