Over the last few years, Aucto has been directly involved in helping decommission 30+ (and counting) coal-powered plants across North America. Throughout each project, we have developed a quick,  easy and effective process using our web-based solution to help our clients maximize their recovery value from their surplus equipment and machinery while ensuring all project critical timelines are met without any health and safety incidents.

As the deadline quickly approaches to reach the net-zero emissions goal, we are seeing a dramatic uptick in coal-burning power plants that are about to undergo a facility shutdown. Based on our experience in these projects, we have seen many organizations benefit from having a well-defined end-to-end asset disposition process.  

Recently, we sat down with our team of Asset Recovery Experts to pick their brains and compile best practices to follow in a successful asset disposition process within a coal-burning power plant facility shutdown.  Whether you decide to use our solution to help or any other in-house or third-party solution, these tips are great to keep in mind to help ensure you stay on track during your facility closure process. We recognize it’s a daunting project, and sometimes, it helps just to have a place to start.

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Managing your upcoming coal plant closure and not sure where to start? 

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Our clients consistently choose us over other solutions because of several benefits we were able to deliver for them:

  • You can access buyers for event hard-to-sell assets – Aucto can help you connect with global buyers looking to purchase all types of equipment from your coal plant closure.
  • Our clients can sell any asset quickly – Aucto simplifies the process of selling coal power plant assets. Our marketplace empowers our clients to sell coal plant inventory, machinery, and equipment in as little as 17 days in just a few clicks.
  • There is minimal work required for internal teams – Aucto’s end-to-end selling solution manages the entire process from asset cataloging to asset removal, reducing effort for Asset Managers and minimizing the impact on project operations.
  • Redeployment is streamlined within the organization – This allows your plant to easily share and transfer your assets to other facilities within the organization, which maintains the highest value for the asset.
  • You get to offset the cost of our solution – Reduce your coal plant decommissioning costs by millions of dollars. Leverage Aucto’s software and Marketplace to recover capital from coal plant inventory, machinery, and equipment.
  • Comprehensive ESG reporting –  Aucto’s comprehensive platform enables coal plant operators to comply with ESG mandates and provides real-time reporting on the asset disposal process during plant decommissioning. 

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