Everything You Need To Know About Selling & Managing Industrial Assets

Article Written By: Clayton Arnold

Over the past weeks, the team at Aucto was given a unique task – we were challenged to create a video that explained everything a person needed to know about selling and managing industrial equipment and machinery on Aucto in less than 3 minutes.

At first, the team thought this challenge would be a breeze, but after sitting down and working on several versions of storyboards and scripts, we realized there is a lot of people need to know about selling and managing surplus assets.

The team eventually decided on a two-part video, the first part was created to explain “What is Aucto” and the current challenges businesses face with Asset Recovery. The second part was to showcase the power of Aucto for selling and managing surplus assets, and how easy it is to use.

Video #1 – What is Aucto?

What is Aucto?

Video #2- How Does Aucto Work?

How Does Aucto Work?

We are extremely excited to share it with the videos here and we hope you enjoy them. If you have any questions about our latest video we would love to hear from you, simply click the button below to share your feedback or ask us any questions. Or, book a meeting with one of our Asset Recovery experts if you want to see how Aucto can help your organization.

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