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What we do at Aucto isn’t something that we come across in people’s everyday lives. It solves a huge problem but for a market that is industrial in nature. When I first started at Aucto and was asked, what do you do, I found it was easier to convey the main value levers of our business using real-life examples.


That’s why we’re all so excited to see the recent article our CEO and Founder, Jamil Rahman, wrote for the Forbes Business Council is now live! It’s always great for me to see how we are able to share our knowledge with others to show how Aucto can help solve the ongoing real-life challenges so many businesses are facing right now. Jamil does a fantastic job explaining the problems we are facing today, citing some real-world examples, and providing options for organizations to help relieve some of the current supply chain pressures.

Check out the article here – Why The Growth Of A Second Market For Industrial Assets Is Critical For The Supply Chain

If you have any questions or comments on the article, we would love to hear from you. Simply email us at to share your feedback or ask us any questions. Or, book a meeting with one of our Asset Recovery experts if you want to see how Aucto can help your organization develop a more sustainable supply chain.

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