Businesses are always looking for ways to reduce operating costs and increase efficiency. With the current economic uncertainty and potentially challenging times ahead, decision makers are under additional pressure to find new and innovative ways to cut costs. One way to accomplish this is by exploring the second marketing and looking at purchasing used or surplus industrial equipment. In this article, we will explore some of the many reasons you should consider buying used industrial equipment to help reduce your operating costs and expand capacity in your business. 

Cost Savings

New industrial equipment can be extremely expensive, and the cost can quickly become an issue for many businesses. However, used and surplus equipment can be purchased at a fraction of the cost of new equipment, providing significant cost savings for businesses. 

For example, if you are a construction company and you are in need of a dozer –  buying a new unit from the manufacturer could cost you upwards of $750,000. However, on the second market, you can find Dozers being sold for as little as $37,500. By searching online industrial marketplaces you can find the exact equipment you are looking for at a price point that is much more advantageous for your business. 

Used and surplus industrial equipment can also be an excellent option for small businesses or start-ups. New equipment can be too expensive for start-up businesses, and they may not have the capital or credit to purchase new equipment. Used and surplus equipment can provide a more affordable option, allowing start-up businesses to acquire the equipment they need to get started without breaking the bank.

Reduce Lead Times

As shown by recent events, our supply chain is a lot more delicate than people might believe. For businesses that rely on the timeliness of equipment and machinery availability, they cannot afford to have operations shut down because of a supply shortage. By buying used and surplus equipment from the second market you are able to bypass the traditional supply chain and ensure you are getting the equipment and machinery you need to keep production on schedule. 

Oftentimes when buying on the second market, you can find the equipment you need much closer to your locations, allowing you to eliminate shipping disruptions or even waiting on the manufacturer to produce the equipment you need. 

Environmental Benefits

Another advantage of buying used or surplus industrial equipment is that it can be a more environmentally friendly option. The manufacturing of new equipment and the disposal of old equipment can have a significant impact on the environment but using equipment surplus and still in working condition can help to reduce this impact. By buying used machinery, you are helping drive the circular economy and preventing usable materials from ending up in scrap yards and landfills. 

In Summary

Buying used or surplus industrial equipment can be a great option for businesses looking to reduce operating costs. Not only is it more affordable than new equipment, but it can also be more environmentally friendly, more flexible, and more reliable. Additionally, businesses can benefit from the lower costs of used and surplus equipment, allowing them to acquire the equipment they need to get started without using up a lot of capital. 

It’s worth noting that while buying used or surplus equipment can save money in the short term, it’s important to do your research and only buy from a trusted source such as the Aucto Marketplace.

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Aucto is your one-stop destination for buying industrial equipment. By providing a comprehensive, and easy to use online marketplace to buy used machinery, Aucto aims to create a circular economy. Our platform facilitates online industrial auctions, connecting interested buyers with some of the world’s largest organizations who are selling their used and surplus industrial equipment and machinery. 

Becoming a verified buyer on the Aucto Marketplace is quick and easy and allows you direct access to equipment owners from all over the world. Unlike other platforms, there is no middle man on Aucto and you are able to connect directly with the equipment owners, reduces hassle and costs. 

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