In November  2021, we launched the beta version of our Asset Valuation Tool. This unique tool allows users to simply enter a few data points such as the category, brand, or model of the asset they are trying to get an average price for. The user will get back the estimated selling price of the asset in real-time. This estimate comes from aggregated historical data pulled from internal and credible third-party sources. As we inch closer to adding in more asset categories and products in the Asset Valuation Tool, we wanted to share a deeper dive into how to use the tool for optimal results. 

Getting Started

Navigate to the categories listing on the page and select the category that best suits your equipment. Alternatively in the top right area in the main banner area, you can directly enter your equipment’s manufacturer and model number. After entering your details, click the search button.

After selecting your product category, you will be redirected to the category page. This page will tell you the average price of all machines within the category, the number of data points, sample to collect this data, the number of recently sold assets, and finally the number of this particular asset available for sale on the Aucto Marketplace right now. Below that, you will see a chart showing the distribution of the selling price data points for that machine.


To get more accurate data on your specific asset, scroll below the distribution chart to see subcategories for that product category as well as brands. From here, you can either search a category directly or select one of the pre-determined options. Once you have chosen your category, you will have real-time data showing the average selling price of that asset.

If you wish to price a bulk list of assets all at once, all you need to do is fill out the form on the right side of the screen and upload a CSV list of your equipment and details such as brand, model. After submitting the form, the Aucto team will review your list of equipment and get back to you within 24 hours.

Are you ready to start finding out how much your used and surplus machinery is worth? Click the link below to try out the Aucto Asset Valuation Tool today!

Check out Aucto’s Pricing Engine

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