New Look, Same Great Site: Introducing Our New Aucto Website

Article Written By: Fiona Chan & Clayton Arnold

Today marks a huge milestone for the Aucto team as we launch a fresh new look for our website. We are so incredibly excited to announce our new website is here and better than ever!

Our team has been working hard over the last few months to understand what our customers and users love the most on our site and what they would like to be added in or see more of to enhance their user experience. We then took this knowledge and worked with our design and development team to bring together the best elements on our existing site and added in some cool, new features and designs to optimize the entire experience on our site.

Asset recovery can be challenging and not all organizations can see the benefits of managing this as an ongoing strategy. We’ve designed our website to arm enterprises with the information they will need to understand asset recovery at a high level and then make a choice that is right for their organization’s asset recovery strategy.

Our buyers who frequent the Marketplace to find and purchase assets can also count on the site to understand the benefits of buying on Aucto and how that can help them grow their business.

Key Highlights:

  • Simplified menu and navigation to help users find what they are looking for
    Streamlined Marketplace to help customers identify the equipment or asset best suited for their needs
  • Dedicated content for both our enterprise customers looking to use Aucto to manage and sell their assets and our buyers who are looking for equipment to grow their business
  • Enhanced Current Auctions section to enable direct access to our most recent Sales Auctions
  • Testimonials to showcase how organizations are using Aucto to change the way they manage and recover assets as part of their ongoing strategy

Our work is not done yet! Over the next several weeks, we will continue to introduce new and exciting features and exclusive content to the website so stay tuned. We’re changing the way organizations think of asset management and recovery…one page at a time.

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About the Author

Fiona Chan

Fiona Chan is the Director of Marketing at Aucto. Fiona has over 15 years of experience in B2B brand development, lead generation, and digital marketing. She is passionate about creating unified marketing strategies that reflect the brand in an authentic way and believes in making decisions using data-driven metrics.

Clayton Arnold

Clayton Arnold is the Marketing Manager at Aucto. Clayton has 10 years of experience working in traditional and digital marketing campaigns. A Mohawk College graduate, Clayton believes in leveraging the latest technology & analytics to foster long-term relationships with clients.