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  • What Is Equipment and Machinery Investment Recovery?
  • Why Sell Surplus Equipment and Machinery?
  • Ways to Sell Machinery and Equipment

As a result of technological breakthroughs and changes in project specifications these days, most businesses in the industrial manufacturing and fabrication sectors have an abundance of surplus equipment and machinery. To help contribute to a sustainable business, organizations should take advantage of methods to recover the value from this unused machinery, rather than allowing it to remain idle on their premises. This is where an investment recovery strategy comes in, as it allows your organization to recover value by selling the surplus machinery and equipment and converting those unused assets into cash which can be employed elsewhere in the organization. 

What Is Equipment and Machinery Investment Recovery?

Investment recovery is the process of optimizing the value of unused or surplus assets. There are several methods of recovering value from your equipment including redeployment, reconditioning, and reselling. This article will describe how value can be recovered from surplus equipment through the usage of external sales.

Why Sell Surplus Equipment and Machinery?

There are several reasons why you may need to sell surplus equipment. The most essential is the need for your organization to achieve sustained profitability. It’s in your best interest to recover space occupied by unused industrial machinery for more profitable equipment or other requirements. In addition, maintaining and storing equipment requires resources, labor, and time that may be better used elsewhere. Rather than spending money on equipment that no longer provides value to your company, it’s advisable to sell the equipment and utilize the money and space for other mission-critical sections of your business.

Ways to Sell Machinery and Equipment

Organizations often end up keeping equipment they no longer need, which leads to overcrowded storage spaces and additional maintenance costs. Selling your used industrial equipment and machinery is one of the best ways to get rid of it quickly and save money on storage costs.

Online Auctions

You can sell your surplus equipment through an online marketplace. This is a good strategy, particularly if you want to sell in-demand industrial equipment quickly. Online auctions are advantageous because they put you in charge of the selling process and allow you to get rid of several products at once for fair market value.

Equipment Brokers

Equipment brokers can be hired to sell your machinery on your behalf. They have a network of contacts in various industries and can efficiently market and sell your equipment. They also give you peace of mind since they handle everything from finding a buyer to negotiations, inspections, rigging, and freight. 

Equipment Dealers

These are people who specialize in reselling certain kinds of equipment. Most of the time, they are local and have a network of buyers in the area who look for certain kinds of equipment. Most equipment dealers charge a fee of 30–40% of the price of the equipment they sell.

Private Sale

You can also sell your equipment through a private sale. Keep in mindHowever, it’s helpful if you understand that private selling requires patience. Also, be mindful of any sales tax concerns which may arise based on your customer’s location. You may be required to collect and return sales tax if your customer resides in a state/country/city that does not exclude the acquisition of used machine tools from taxation.

Optimize Your Investment Recovery With Aucto

Not sure what strategy makes the most sense for your industrial equipment and machinery? Using our experience in developing and executing investment recovery strategies, Aucto can assist your organization in turning its surplus equipment into revenue which can be used for other business purposes. If you’re seeking a firm that can optimize your return on surplus equipment, don’t hesitate to contact us so we can assist you in selling these important assets.

Ready to Start Selling Used Industrial Equipment and Machinery?

Leverage the Aucto Marketplace to quickly sell your used, and surplus industrial assets to interested buyers. Our web-based platform facilitates the sale of used and surplus industrial assets and inventory by connecting our sellers with verified buyers from over 70 countries.

Our team of experienced Asset Recovery experts assists our customers in selling their surplus industrial assets every day. Let us know how we may be of service to you. 

Click the link below to book a meeting with one of our asset recovery experts or give us a call at (844) 326-7305 today.

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