A Guide to Selling Metalworking Equipment in Virginia

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  • History Of Manufacturing Business In Virginia
  • What Is Manufactured In Virginia
  • Increasing Demand For Metalworking Equipment in Virginia
  • How To Sell Used/Surplus Metalworking Equipment
  • How To Sell Metalworking Equipment on Aucto
  • Connect With Aucto

History of Manufacturing Business in Virginia

Virginia is currently ranked #4 among the top states for business on Forbes.com. Its economic climate and growth prospects are excellent, as is its labor supply and overall quality of life for its residents. This should not be surprising, because Virginia has a long history of business, going back to the very first English colonies in North America. In fact, the first businesses in Virginia were manufacturing ones. Beginning with the timber industry, in which the colonists sent wood harvested from the plentiful American forests to the heavily deforested Great Britain, using ships that took months to get there (and back, with goods the settlers needed, in exchange), manufacturing has been a core component of business in Virginia.

Of course, the area of the manufacturing industry that Virginia is best known for is one that began a few decades after European colonization began, and that is the tobacco industry. This was a perfect mix of both agriculture and manufacturing. Virginia was in a perfect climate for growing the sought-after plant. It quickly began building factories to manufacture the tobacco into bales, rolls, and more, when it was harvested. Building the processing factories also involved manufacturing, for both the buildings and the parts necessary to process the tobacco. This was Virginia’s central industry until after the Civil War.

After the Civil War, tobacco continued to be a strong industry in Virginia, but the Industrial Revolution began to change things in the state’s business landscape. Consumer goods began to be produced in the state, which was a primary focus of the manufacturing industry in Virginia during the 20th century. Now, the state has become one of the primary hubs for the technology industry, supplying microchips, computers, and other electronics to the rest of the country and the world. In fact, Virginia has the highest concentration of technology workers of any state, and the fourth highest actual number of workers in that industry (after California, Texas, and New York).

What is Manufactured in Virginia?

Virginia manufactures a lot of things. It is still an international hub of tobacco production and also manufactures soft drinks, beer, and chemicals in high numbers. These are some of the top manufacturing industries in the state. When it comes to manufacturing industries that involve metal manufacturing, the top industry for this sector in the state is in transportation. In fact, transportation is the third-largest manufacturing industry in Virginia.


When it comes to the transportation industry, Virginia manufactures all kinds of things that require metal, such as boats, ships, trucks, and parts for cars and other motor vehicles. Metalworking equipment is needed for all of this manufacturing, as a wide variety of metals are used in automotive vehicles and products. The equipment is required to build and shape many different things, from the actual bodies of vehicles to the parts that go inside of them, and even the wires that connect other parts, and the nuts and bolts that keep certain parts attached, like tires.

Because the automotive manufacturing industry in Virginia is so large, there is never a shortage of the need for metalworking equipment. It allows the workers to get their jobs done, and to produce the top-quality automotive products for which the state is known. With new metalworking equipment being needed all the time, as new factories open and old machinery wears out and new machines are needed, there is never a lack of a for demand for metalworking equipment here.

Increasing Demand For Metalworking Equipment in Virginia

As the automotive manufacturing industry becomes larger and more of a force in Virginia’s economy, the demand for metalworking equipment will naturally increase. New metalworking plants will open to meet the continuing and increasing demand for automotive products of all kinds. All of these new manufacturing plants will need metalworking equipment, and a good number of them will need it at a reduced price. They will not mind buying it second hand, as long as it works or can be easily fixed or refurbished. The market for metalworking in equipment in Virginia is set to continue to be lucrative, and there are no indicators that this will diminish. Transportation will always be a human need, regardless of what form it takes.

Because the automotive industry is worldwide and the demand for its products will not diminish anytime soon, the demand for metalworking equipment to assist in this industry will only increase over the coming decades and centuries. Because transportation is a universal need of human beings, with new and interesting innovations being made in it all the time, metalworking equipment industry will always be in demand, as a result. This is particularly true of Virginia, where the automotive industry is already so strong. Anyone who has used metalworking equipment for sale there is going to do well if they know where to go to sell their equipment.

How to Sell Used/Surplus Metalworking Equipment

It is not unusual for companies to find themselves with used metalworking equipment that they no longer need. Their current metalworking equipment may no longer be enough to meet their manufacturing needs as methods and demands change. If companies just store this used equipment when they no longer need it, the equipment takes up valuable space that could be put to better use. It also ties up capital in something that is no longer of value to the company. Selling the equipment allows the company to both free up the space and receive their capital back to re-invest in new equipment or other things the company needs.

Buying used metalworking equipment is also beneficial for those who choose to do it. The savings associated with buying used equipment as opposed to new can be huge, depending on the method of purchase chosen. The most used methods of buying used metalworking equipment are through private transactions with sellers, with used equipment dealers, and with online used metalworking equipment auctions.

Online auctions are usually the best way to go for both buyers and sellers. This is because auctions that are managed by a dealer or exchange don’t always vet the source of their equipment, and the information provided about the equipment is often limited. So is information about the buyers. This puts both buyers and sellers at risk of being scammed, with little legal recourse.


Online auctions are different. If the online marketplace is reputable, such as one like Aucto, the buying and selling of used metalworking equipment becomes much more reliable. Efficiency in completing sales is even improved. Buyers and sellers are vetted by the online marketplace, and they can meet each other through mutual needs. They can talk to each other and decide if they trust each other. When buyers and sellers can communicate with each other directly like this, instead of through a third party like a dealer or exchange, outcomes of auctions are much better for both parties.

An online auction marketplace also allows sellers to get the best possible price for their used equipment, thus securing the return of a large part of their invested capital. Buyers, on the other hand, are able to buy used equipment at the prices that they can afford and make them happy. Everyone gets their money’s worth when online auctions are involved in buying and selling used metalworking equipment.

When you want to liquidate your old metalworking equipment inventory, whether to go into a different business or to buy new equipment for your existing one, using online industrial auctions should be your go-to solution. It really does simplify the whole process to use a reputable online platform. In fact, the Metalworking and Forming category is one of the most popular industries on Aucto, and it has an established and loyal following of buyers. Because of this, selling on Aucto is incredibly easy, and the platform offers one of the best ways to sell your used metalworking equipment. You don’t have to look for qualified buyers yourself, because they are already there, and they are waiting to buy from you. They want to. There is no easier way to find trustworthy buyers for used metalworking equipment, plain and simple.

How to Sell Metalworking Equipment on Aucto

If you want to sell used metalworking equipment in Virginia, you might have found it to be a challenge. Fortunately, it does not have to be anymore. The Internet has revolutionized the best way to sell this used equipment. Online metalworking auctions in Virginia are one important and lucrative way to do it. If you find the right online metalworking auctions in Virginia, you will find the online method to be very effective in moving your merchandise for good prices. One well-known online auction marketplace for metalworking equipment is Aucto.


When it comes to the metalworking auctions Virginia has to offer, you cannot go wrong with Aucto. It has an established base of buyers already set up with it, so it is easy for you to find your next interested buyers and maximize the amount of money you make from each sale. The Aucto platform is simple to use, and includes a wide variety of tools for both marketing and selling your equipment. With Aucto, you are provided with all the tools you need to make sure your used metalworking equipment gets the attention and reach to buyers that it requires.

Also, Aucto allows sellers to set up their auction online and onsite with ease, which is not what sellers will find with most other online metalworking equipment auction marketplaces. Anyone who wants to sell used metalworking equipment in metalworking auctions in Virginia should get in touch with Aucto.

Connect With Aucto

Have a question about buying used industrial equipment or selling used industrial equipment online? Give Aucto a call at 1 (844) 326-7339 or email at sellers@aucto.com, and our team of experienced online auctioneers and customer support team will be more than happy to answer them.

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