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  • Steps for Selling Industrial Assets 
    • Select Your Selling Method
    • Analyze Prices
    • Recondition and Clean Used Machines
    • Capture Stunning Images and Videos

Steps for Selling Surplus Industrial Assets 

Selling surplus industrial assets is an excellent approach to recover value and generate revenue that can be added to the companies’ bottom line. For organizations looking to resell their surplus and used industrial equipment on the second market, there are several steps that need to be considered. Following these tips will help you maximize your recovery value while ensuring the sales process is as smooth as possible. In this article, we will share our tips and tricks to help you sell your used industrial assets.

Select Your Selling Channels

Whether you’re selling a single piece of equipment or doing a whole facility liquidation, you have a number of online and offline options for selling your industrial assets. The challenge most companies face when looking to sell their equipment revolves around selecting the best-selling method for their assets.

Some of the most popular selling methods include:

  • Auctioneers
  • Equipment Dealers
  • Direct Sales
  • Internal Employee Sales
  • Online Marketplaces

Once you select your selling method, there are several other steps you must take to ensure your sale is a success. Recently we published an article on The Top Methods For Selling Your Used Industrial Equipment and Machinery that provides an in-depth look at each selling option. 

Analyze Prices

You’ll need to devote some time to researching industry trends and determining the prices at which comparable industrial assets are being sold, If you want to sell your industrial assets, they must be priced competitively. Determine the price you should sell your equipment by comparing postings across several marketplaces. When pricing industrial equipment for auctions, the rule of thumb is to start the bid price at one-third of the asset’s final selling value as this will help drive competitive bidding on your assets.

Recondition and Clean Used Machines

To maximize the value of your used equipment, you must ensure it has been restored. Repair any functional issues and reduce blemishes on the machine (and be forthright with prospective clients about its present condition). It’s also essential to thoroughly clean your machinery. Buyers are much more likely to inspect and bid on equipment that is well taken care of. By putting in the effort to clean and repair your machinery, you will help ensure your sales success.

Capture Stunning Images and Videos

Buyers must be able to check your equipment thoroughly. Typically, customers will view your equipment for the first time through online listings. Therefore, it’s essential to supply consumers with high-quality, comprehensive photographs and videos of the equipment to examine it in depth. 

Take photographs from a variety of angles and ensure that your equipment is well documented. In your photos, include defects or areas of damage to help provide the buyer with a better understanding of the condition of your equipment. . Check out our previous article on how to take proper photos of industrial equipment – 8 Simple Tips To Make Old and Used Machinery Look Great In Photos.

Looking to Sell Your Surplus Industrial Equipment?

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