Top 5 Tips for Buying Used Equipment on Aucto

Article Written By: Clayton Arnold

Many companies are eager to dispose of their surplus and used equipment – why not take advantage of this by buying from them? Buying used tools, machinery, and parts online is a great way for businesses to save money. Aucto is an online global marketplace for industrial auctions and liquidations, facilitating transactions between buyers and sellers of industrial and commercial parts and equipment. Aucto offers an easy-to-use platform and best of all, doesn’t charge high fees. If you’re interested in using Aucto or perhaps you’ve already started using it, here are 5 tips for buying used equipment on Aucto.

Check the other buying methods if you can’t find what you need

Like any online marketplace, items available on Aucto may vary on a daily basis. You may look through the auction listings today, then find completely different results tomorrow.

However, the site offers three main buying methods:

  1. Liquidations, where you can purchase lots and make immediate purchases
  2. Online auctions, where you place regular of proxy bids (maximum bids) or some sellers may offer a “buy it now” price
  3. Online Webcast Auctions, where you place proxy bids or attend the online auction on the end date and place bids with the auctioneer

Sometimes, if you’re looking for a specific product, you might not find it in the liquidations or online auction sections. Check the webcast auctions – you may find something that interests you or even a particular item you’ve been searching for.

Contact the seller if anything is unclear

Many listing pages are straightforward and have all the necessary information. However, there might be a few things that you want to clarify with the seller. So, before you make a bid or purchase, ask the seller first. Aucto makes it easy for buyers to contact sellers. There are two ways to contact sellers. First, click on the “Contact Seller” button right on the lot or item page. You can also retrieve any messages the seller sends back by going to the Aucto Messaging Center. Click on the envelope icon on the top right corner of any Aucto Page. The second way to contact a seller is through the Live Chat feature for onsite auctions. You can communicate with the seller in real-time. Go to the bidding page and utilize the chat feature.

Use filters on the search page

You can use the search bar on top of any page on Aucto to search for what you need – just use the right keywords. Type in the words and hit enter to get to the search results page. If the results are too broad and you have a hard time looking through them, use the left-hand menu and filter by Industry and Seller. You can also click on “Auction” or “Liquidation” to filter items being sold through that specific method.

Check the sale and removal terms to determine when the seller will ship the item

One thing you’ll want to know if you win or buy an item is how soon the shipper will send it. To find out, ask the seller or simply read the sale and removal terms on the listing page. Different sellers will offer different shipping methods so make sure you check this before placing a bid.

Register for auctions early to get pre-approval

You can get many great deals on the online webcast auctions, but you’ll probably get some tough competition from other buyers. If it is your first time bidding on a live auction, make sure you register as early as possible. This is to ensure you get a spot, as some sellers have to pre-authorize bidders before the auction begins.

There’s always been a market for used industrial equipment and parts, but buyers and sellers usually have a hard time connecting with each other. With Aucto, everyone can get what they want. Buyers can have practically any part or machinery at the click of a button, while sellers have instant access to people who are already searching for what they have to offer. Small and medium-sized enterprises now have a place where they can sell and buy equipment for their business, without having to pay high fees, which translates into a bigger bottom line. Eager to learn more and put these tips for buying used equipment on Aucto to work? Register for a free account and connect with sellers today.

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