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Pricing your industrial equipment and machinery just got easier with Aucto’s new Pricing Engine

Aucto’s new and unique Pricing Engine (currently in beta version) is here! The Pricing Engine tool enables users to simply input the category, brand, or model of the asset they’re trying to sell to get an estimated price. This price comes from aggregated historical data pulled from internal and credible third-party sources. Whether it’s one asset or thousands, our Pricing Engine can provide an average price for each piece of industrial equipment or machinery.

One of the biggest challenges our customers face is being able to accurately price the equipment and machinery they are looking to sell. It’s a delicate balance between being satisfied with the price they would get for their asset and finding someone who would consider that price fair market value. We spend a lot of time working with our clients to understand the condition of their assets to then come up with a fair price based on our experience selling similar items on our Marketplace. This is a critical factor in the success of the sale for our clients and one of the key reasons our clients keep coming back to sell on the Aucto Marketplace.

However, we recognized that not everyone is ready to sell their assets right away. Some of our current clients started off just trying to understand their assets’ worth. After they realized the price they could get for their equipment, machinery, or MRO and spare parts (some of the most common items sold on our Marketplace), it helped solidify their decision to sell their surplus assets on Aucto. We wanted to empower users to get an idea of their asset’s pricing quickly, by just entering a few data points and getting their results in minutes.

Check out Aucto’s Pricing Engine

We are so proud of our R&D team for bringing this idea to life in an agile and responsive manner. Congratulations, team!

The feedback we’ve been getting from users has been tremendous so far. We can’t wait to add more categories in the coming weeks to help make pricing and selling industrial assets effortless. Stay tuned!

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