Why Businesses in Washington State Must Sell Their Used Metalworking Equipment

Article Written By: Clayton Arnold

In 2017, over $58 billion worth of products were manufactured in the state of Washington. Though Washington may not be as well-known for being a manufacturing hotspot as some states, the reality is that the state’s manufacturing industry is alive and well.

For companies in Washington looking to sell metalworking equipment, this thriving manufacturing industry presents an excellent opportunity. When there are plenty of companies in your area producing metal products, selling metalworking equipment for a fair price is rarely a challenge.

In this article, we’ll look at both the past and current state of manufacturing in Washington as well as the best way to go about selling metalworking equipment to Washington manufacturers.

Table of Contents:

  • Manufacturing History in Washington
  • What is Manufactured in Washington?
  • Business Incentives for Manufacturing Companies in Washington
  • Why Businesses in Washington Must Sell Used Metalworking Equipment
  • Why Sell Metalworking Equipment on Aucto?

Manufacturing History in Washington

In many ways, the timing of the westward expansion into Washington could not have been more perfect for the state’s economy. By the time people began moving to Washington in large numbers, the Industrial Revolution was in full swing. This meant that new cities and companies alike in Washington had no trouble adapting to the technological revolutions that this new era brought about. It also made the state’s rich coal deposits a very valuable resource, since most of the innovations to come about during the Industrial Revolution were very reliant on coal power.


By the time the first World War came along, Washington was poised to play a major role in the country’s wartime manufacturing. In fact, Washington’s shipyards produced one-quarter of all the ships that the United States built during WWI. Like every other state economy, Washington’s economy certainly felt the strain during the Great Depression. WWII however, breathed new life into Washington’s manufacturing industry once again. At the height of WWII, Boeing’s plant in Seattle was producing five B-17 bombers every single day, while other plants in the state worked to churn out tanks, munitions, vehicles, and other products that were essential to the war effort.

Washington continued to produce weapons and machines for the military throughout the duration of the Cold War as well. However, Washington’s heavy reliance on the aerospace industry became a problem when the Cold War ended and Boeing began laying off employees. It wasn’t long, though, before Washington caught another wave of opportunity – the technological revolution. With companies such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Apple, and more setting up shop in Washington, the state’s economy entered a new era. Meanwhile, no longer required to support so much of the state’s economy, the aerospace industry continues to flourish in Washington as well. Add to this a wide range of other products that are manufactured in the state and you have the recipe for a very robust manufacturing economy in the state of Washington.

Products Manufactured in Washington

Juicy, red apples may be one Washington’s most famous export, however, the state produces a wide range of other products as well, including manufacturing a number of metal products. In 2017, civilian aircraft, engines, and parts were listed as Washington state’s number one export, with aerospace products accounting for 54.4% of Washington’s total GDP in 2017.


Other metal products that make the list of Washington’s top exports include ultrasonic scanning apparatuses (Washington’s 8th largest export), video game consoles (Washington’s 20th largest export), and passenger vehicles (Washington’s 22nd largest export). Of course, there are plenty of other metal products that are manufactured in Washington as well, with manufacturing operations of all sizes and across all industries choosing to set up shop in the Evergreen State.

Business Incentives for Washington State

Washington offers a wide range of incentives designed to help the state’s manufacturing industry flourish. These incentives include several tax deductions, credits, and exemptions for manufacturing companies in the state. Washington also boasts a talented, educated workforce that manufacturing companies can leverage when they choose the state as their base of operations. Lastly, manufacturing companies in Washington can benefit greatly from the state’s history of being on the cutting-edge of manufacturing and technological innovation.

If you would like to learn more about the various incentives that Washington offers to manufacturing companies located in the state, check out this guide put together by the Washington State Department of Revenue.

Why Businesses in Washington Must Sell Used Metalworking Equipment

If you have a surplus of metalworking equipment that you no longer need, selling that equipment to other manufacturers in Washington is a great way to bring in a little extra income for your business while at the same time freeing up storage space at your location. There’s simply no reason to pay for the storage of equipment that your company no longer needs when the option to sell that equipment is on the table.

Thankfully, selling metalworking equipment in Washington is now easier than ever before. Thanks to Washington’s thriving manufacturing economy, there are plenty of buyers in the state looking for quality metalworking equipment. While many of those buyers will choose to purchase metalworking equipment brand new, many others prefer to purchase used metalworking equipment in order to reduce their costs.

The biggest reason why it is now easier than ever before to sell metalworking equipment in Washington, though, is the rise of online auction sites. By listing your equipment for sale on an online auction site, you can easily connect with buyers all over the state who are then able to bid on your equipment. Having to hire an expensive outside agency to handle the sale of your surplus equipment is now a thing of the past. Today, selling metalworking equipment in Washington is as easy as typing in a little information, uploading a few pictures, and sitting back while the bids roll in.


Given how simple is now is to sell metalworking equipment that you no longer need, businesses in Washington have plenty of incentives to sell their unwanted equipment for a return rather than letting it collect dust in storage. If you are in the possession of any metalworking equipment that you would rather sale than hang on to, listing your equipment on an online auction site that is designed for selling manufacturing equipment is an option that is well worth checking out.

Why Sell Metalworking Equipment on Aucto?

At Aucto, we are proud to be the leading online auction site for selling metalworking equipment. If you are searching for the right platform to sell your used metalworking equipment, there are several reasons why you should consider partnering with Aucto.

Perhaps the biggest advantage that Aucto offers over the competition is the fact that both listing and selling equipment on Aucto is completely free of charge. When you list equipment for sale on Aucto, you don’t have to pay any upfront fees for the listing and you don’t have to pay any commissions once the equipment sells. Rather than charging fees to sellers, Aucto makes money by selling upgraded marketing packages to auctioneers that need to reach an especially wide audience in order to sell a larger lot. For the average seller, though, selling metalworking equipment on Aucto won’t cost a dime.

In addition to the fact that selling metalworking equipment on Aucto is free of charge, another advantage that Aucto offers is our large audience of motivated buyers. The moment you upload your equipment for sale on Aucto, we’ll begin displaying it to buyers all over the state. This not only helps ensure that your equipment sells quickly, but it also helps ensure that you get the most money possible out of your equipment thanks to the site’s bidding process.

If you are looking for the best way to go about selling metalworking equipment in Washington, we at Aucto want to help. Our platform is designed to help companies just like yours easily liquidate their unneeded equipment for the highest price the market is willing to pay.

Have a question about buying used industrial equipment or selling used industrial equipment online? Give Aucto a call at 1 (844) 326-7339 or email at sellers@aucto.com, and our team of experienced online auctioneers and customer support team will be more than happy to answer them.

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