I can’t express how incredibly excited I am today to introduce you to, a brand new online industrial marketplace where you can buy and sell surplus industrial equipment. At Aucto, we firmly believe the current way of buying and selling surplus machinery and equipment needs improvement. This is why we have designed and built a platform that empowers Sellers and connects Buyers to major auction and liquidation events.
The current business model for liquidating industrial assets just isn’t working…
Most businesses in the industrial sector have surplus machinery, parts, and equipment they no longer need for operations. Whether you have a few pieces of equipment or are liquidating an entire plant, Aucto provides a transparent, simple, and effective way to list and sell these surplus assets.
Aucto is unlike any other marketplace. There are no listing or commission charges on Aucto, allowing sellers to market and sell for free. Sellers can directly access a huge network of buyers and quickly recover capital from underutilized equipment.
If you just want someone to write you a cheque for all your equipment and pick it up, Aucto has you covered. Aucto offers comprehensive valuations, turnkey listing services, and has a group of affiliated buyers, all with the goal of further simplifying the buying process.
For Buyers, Aucto eliminates the guesswork of buying used equipment by providing a completely transparent bidding environment, post-sale inspection periods, and an escrow-protected payment system to combat fraud.
I invite you to explore our platform at and learn why Aucto should be a part of your equipment procurement and asset recovery system.
Yours sincerely,

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