North American Utility Organization Leverages Aucto’s Turnkey Solution to Manage Entire Asset Recovery Process in Facility Closure

The Client: 

Our client is a regulated electric public utility organization in the United States and operates more than 20 generating units across various states, with over 1,000 employees. The organization uses multiple generating sources and fuels to serve more than 290,000 customers.

Our Client’s Challenge:

Operations at one of the power generation facilities were coming to an end

Originally slated for closure in 2026, our client opted to end power generation activities at the coal-burning power plant early. As such, the equipment and machinery at the facility was now considered surplus to ongoing operations. Our client wanted a solution that would allow them to recover capital from all the equipment and machinery that could not be redeployed to other facilities. With a broad range of assets ranging from tooling and installed machinery to heavy equipment, our client wanted one solution that would allow them to quickly and easily sell all the different types of assets.

The Solution:

After initial discussions with the client to better understand their challenges, we recommended they leverage our onsite services and the Aucto Marketplace. The solution would be conducted in several phases:

  • The Aucto team would go on-site to the client’s facility to identify and catalog all assets in the facility. This would enable our client to focus on day-to-day operations. After all the assets were grouped together, cataloged, and photographed, our team would then create a redeployment event. This would allow our client to share assets with other internal facilities first, which would maintain the most value for their assets.
  • As there was not an immediate deadline for removing all assets from the facility, we recommended a phased approach to selling the assets. Hosting individual Sale Events based on asset types would enable our client to attract relevant buyers and maximize the return on their assets.

Each sale would be conducted on the Aucto Marketplace. The web-based platform would provide a solution for them to quickly sell all their surplus equipment to a network of qualified buyers and manage all aspects of the sale. The Aucto team would create a customized campaign to promote the assets to qualified buyers for the equipment and machinery resulting in a high net recovery and sell-through rate.

Our onsite team would work with any interested buyers and facilitate inspections on behalf of our client. Our team would also manage the invoicing and payment collection from all Buyers, providing a comprehensive and turnkey solution to manage the entire asset recovery process for our client.

The Results

7 Days to Complete the Sale

100% Sell Through Rate

1,340 + Bids Placed

33,000+ Views Generated

Next Steps

The client is currently partnered with Aucto to continue to host ongoing sales. In addition, we are currently exploring other asset recovery opportunities within the other facilities that our client continues to operate. This includes onboarding more locations to use the Aucto Marketplace to quickly and easily sell their ongoing surplus assets and utilizing other Aucto asset disposition solutions to proactively manage surplus assets across the entire organization.