How a tier-one automotive supplier leverages the Aucto Marketplace to solve challenges from shifts in business demands

The Client: 

Our client is an industry-leading tier 1 automotive supplier headquartered in Japan with global operations spanning across 39 countries. They operate in over 100 factories that produces over 40,000 different products. This organization is one of the largest manufacturers of automotive and mobility components.

Our Client’s Challenges:

The client’s business was shifting as one of their product line came to an end

Our client was winding down one of their product’s production lines. As such, our client had a whole facility’s worth of equipment that was now surplus to ongoing operations. Our client wanted to recover capital from the production equipment and indirect inventory used to keep the production line maintenance. They needed a solution that would allow them to recover as much capital as possible from a broad range of assets.

The client was under a time crunch to get assets removed

Our client had an absolute deadline to remove all assets and clean the facility before their lease on the building ended. If this was not completed on time, they would need to pay extra to extend the lease until assets could be removed. They needed a solution that would allow them to quickly redeploy and sell all the surplus assets.

The Solution:

After initial discussions with the client to better understand their challenges, we recommended they leverage our onsite services and the Aucto Marketplace. The solution would be conducted in two parts: 

  1. The Aucto team would go on-site to the client’s facility to identify and catalog all assets within the facility. They would do this for the entire facility, allowing our client to focus on day-to-day operations. After all the assets were grouped together, cataloged, and photographed, our team would then create a redeployment event. This would allow our client to share assets with other internal facilities around the world first, which would maintain the most value with their assets

  2. Any remaining assets that were not redeployed would then be sold on the Aucto Marketplace. This web-based platform would allow them to quickly sell all their surplus equipment to a network of qualified buyers and handle all aspects of the sale. Our team would attract qualified buyers for the equipment and machinery resulting in a high net recovery and sell-through rate. Our onsite team would also accommodate any interested buyers and facilitate inspections on behalf of our client.

After the sale was completed, our onsite services team would coordinate with all successful buyers and manage the rigging and removal process for our client.  Our team would broom sweep the facility once the assets were removed from the facility to ensure a smooth facility turnover. 

The Results

Over 265 Lots Sold

Over $190,000 Recovered

Over 4000 Bids Placed

Over 37,000 Views Generated