Can I Change My Offer in a Tender?

Once you have submitted an offer in a tender you are unable to withdraw your offer. This is done to ensure our sellers only receive serious offers from buyers who are interested in purchasing their lots. In addition to being unable to withdraw your offer, you also can not lower your offer. However, you can increase your offer on a tender if the lot has not yet ended.

To increase your offer on a tender lot you must do the following:

Step #1

Navigate to the tender you have previously bid on and select the lot you have already previously placed a bid on.

Step #2

Once you have found the lot you wish to increase your offer on simply click the Orange “Update My Bid” button on the right side of the lot box.

Step #3

After clicking the Update My Bid button, you will see a pop-up Title Place Sealed Bid. Simply enter in the value of the bid you wish to place and press the “Place Sealed Bid” button. If you no longer wish to update your offer simply click the Cancel button.

Step #4

After entering the value, you wish to change your offer too, you will then be prompted to agree to the seller’s terms and Aucto’s terms & conditions. After agreeing to both simply click the blue “Agree and Place Sealed Bid” button.

If you have any further questions regarding changing your offer on a tender contact Aucto support by calling (844) 326-7305 or email