How Do I List a Tender?

On January 31st, 2020, introduced Tenders as a new method of selling on the website. Tenders allow sellers to list lots and receive sealed bids from potential buyers. After the lot in the tender ends the seller can select the winning bid from the potential buyers. In order to list a tender, you must complete the following steps. Please note you must already be a verified seller on To learn how to be a seller on click here.

Step #1 – To start hover over the “My Account” button in the top right section of the screen, once the menu items drop down, you will see a menu option titled “Manage Tenders.” Click on this option.

Step #2 – After clicking the “Manage Tenders” menu option, you will be brought to your seller’s dashboard. From here, click the option on the left side of the screen titled “Add a New Tender.”

Step #3 – After clicking “Add a New Tender,” you will enter the Tenders Wizard. The wizard is a step by step guide to help you list your Tenders. The First step of the Tenders Wizard is to enter your Tenders information. This information includes a descriptive title, the end date of your Tender, the ending time of your Tender, the category for the Tender, and whether this is a public tender or a private tender. After you complete all the information on this step, click the “Next Steps” button on the right side of the Tenders Wizard.

Step #4 – In the next step, you must enter the location(s) of the asset(s) that will be available in your Tender. To do this, press the “Add New Location” button and complete the form. The form includes the following fields: Address, Country, State/Province, City, Zip/Postal Code & Tax Rate. Once your location is added, click the “Add Location” button in the bottom right corner of the pop-up. After all the locations have been added, you must not choose if you wish to automatically approve bidders. To change this, toggle the switch. After this step is complete, click the “Next Steps” button.

Step #5 – The Next step is to set up your terms & conditions for the auction. You will need to enter your sales terms, removal terms, inspection terms, payment currency, and whether you will be charging any sales tax. If you are charging any sales tax, you will need to enter the tax rate you will be charging. After completing this step click the “Next Step” button to continue.

Step #6 – The final step of the “Tenders Wizard” is to add any additional logos or supporting documents you may wish to include in the Tender. If you do not wish to add any additional PDFs or logos, click the “Finish” button.

Step #7 – Now that the Tender is set-up, you will need to upload the lots for the Tender. To do this, click the lots button on the left side of the screen.

Step #8 – Once on the lot page, you can choose to add each lot individually or complete a bulk upload. If you wish to bulk upload lots, click the bulk upload lots button. If you elect to bulk upload, please ensure you correctly Map your CSV’s columns to the field on

Step #9 – After uploading your lots, ensure that the pictures associated with the lots are uploaded and correctly match up with your lots you have already added.

Step #10 – After uploading all lots you wish to include in this Tender and ensure all photos are correctly associated with the proper lots, you can now publish your Tender. To do this, click the General Information tab; once you have the General Information tab open, you can change the status from Draft to view only or published. Once you have selected the status, click the “Apply” button. Your Tender will now be reviewed by Aucto Seller Support to ensure accuracy. If there are any issues, the seller support team will contact you and help you resolve any issues. If there are no issues, they will approve the sale on the website.

Now that your Tender is publish you will be able to approve bidders and begin to see bids submitted on your lots. To learn what you need to do once a Tender ends simply click here

If you have any additional questions regarding setting up a tenders or would like to learn more simply contact Aucto Support by calling (844) 326-7305 or sending an email to (844) 326-7305.

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