How do I participate in auctions on Aucto?

Before you can participate in an auction, you must have a verified Aucto account.

If you wish to bid on a lot in an auction, you must also register and be approved by the auctioneer to participate in the auction event.

Auctioneers from each auction will review your registration. Once approved, you will be able to bid in the auction. Typically, this a fast process, and most auctioneers approve registrants within 24 hours. You can always contact the auctioneer directly in order to expedite the process.

In order to register, click on the register button from the auction or bidding screen. You will be presented with a registration form. Aucto will complete the form for you, ensure that all of the information is correct, your credit card is correct and valid, and that you agree to the payment terms.

Please note that we ask for your credit card information during the registration process for Aucto’s internal validation purposes only.

Your credit card information does not get passed onto the auctioneer.

  1. Starting from the Aucto sign in page, find the auction that you would like to register for.
  2. Click on the auction and you will have landed on the auction template, you can scroll down and see the items that are up for auction.
  3. To register for this auction, click on “register here” you will find it near the top.
  4. Once you are in the registration page, you will find that Aucto has filled your information in for you, ensure that it is all correct.
  5. At the bottom, enter your expected budget for this auction.
  6. Make sure that you are using the correct credit card.
  7. Go through the sales terms, and if you are ok with the terms and want to bid in this auction check off that you agree to the terms then click on register for auction.
  8. Once the host of the auction approves you for bidding, you will be able to begin bidding in this auction.

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