How do I Place A Bid On Aucto on Desktop?

To place a bid on on a desired lot you must first ensure you are logged in and registered to participate in the auction. Once approved for your desired auction you will see the bidding interface. If you are not registered for an auction and need assistance registering for the auction click here.

From the bidding interface, you can see the Current Bid Amount, The next bid amount, the bidding log, and the max bid section, and if the seller has chosen to include a Buy It Now button. The current bid amount shows at that moment what the current bid for the lot is. In the bidding log, you can see the bid history of the item. This is designed to give both the seller and buyer better clarity on bidder activity during the auction.

When placing a bid you have three options based on your preferred bidding style.

Max bid– Max bid allows you to set a maximum possible bid on a lot. This also does not mean your max bid is automatically submitted, your max bid will automatically place itself in the existing increments set by the auction. An example of this would be if the starting bid value on a lot is $100, and you place a max bid of 500. The full value of the max bid will not be shown immediately. As others potentially bid on the item your max bid will auto bid for you up to your auto bid value. This ensures you do not bid more than you are comfortable bidding while also allowing you to participate in the auction without being in front of your device at the time of the lot closing.

Quick Bid – Another method of bidding is the Quick Bid. This method allows you at a click of a mouse to place a bid. This form of bidding allows you to place bids as the auction progresses. The Aucto system automatically suggests the next bid in the sequence based on the bidding intervals. This gives an up to the second control over bidding while viewing the auction as it progresses

Buy It Now – Sellers also have the option to create and set buy-it-now prices (BIN Prices). This will allow you to bypass the bidding process for the desired lot and purchase it at the buy it now prices. After clicking the buy it now button you will see the below pop-up. Once confirm you have successfully purchased the lot and it will display as sold in the auction.

Additionally, as you are bidding on items in the auction you can quickly track what items you are winning and being outbid on for quick information at a glance. This information is in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen during an auction or next to the current bid on lots you have bid on. If you are winning a lot you will see the following

Whereas if you have been outbid by another bidder you will see the following message on the lot.

Additionally please note if a bid is placed in the closing countdown of an item before hammer falls the count down will automatically be reset to 60 seconds remaining until there are no more additional bids on the items.

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