How do I Place A Bid On Aucto on Mobile?

To place a bid on on a desired lot you must first ensure you are logged in and registered to participate in the auction. Once approved for your desired auction you will see the bidding interface. If you are not registered for an auction and need assistance registering for the auction click here.

The first step from the auction catalog page is to click on the blue Bid Now button.


After clicking the bid now button you will be redirected to the first lot in the auction for you to begin placing bids. To start placing bids either click on the Orange “Bid using the Aucto Mobile Bidding Engine” or click the Green “Bid Now”

Once clicked you will be redirected to the Aucto Mobile Bidding Engine. The mobile bidding engine is designed to streamline and make bidding on mobile devices faster and easier with all the same features as the desktop experience.

If you tap the lots button in the top right corner of your mobile device, you will see the complete lot lists. All the lots of the auction will be displayed here. You can also filter what you see in this tab. You can choose to see only the active lots, or only see the lots you have bid on.

In the top left-hand corner, you can see the terms of the auction. These are displayed here so at a moment notice you can check and review any terms related to the auction. This includes, the auction sales terms, payment terms, as well as the Aucto bidder terms, terms of use and privacy policy. Lastly in this tab you can view the Auctioneer’s profile, exit the mobile bidding engine, and Aucto’s technical support contact details.

Like bidding on the desktop version of the website our mobile bidding engine provides two different types of bidding based on your preferred bidding style.

Proxy Max Bid – Max bid allows you to set a maximum possible bid on a lot. This also does not mean your max bid is automatically submitted, your max bid will automatically place itself in the existing increments set by the auction. An example of this would be if the starting bid value on a lot is $100, and you place a max bid of 500. The full value of the max bid will not be shown immediately. As others potentially bid on the item your max bid will auto bid for you up to your auto bid value. This ensures you do not bid more than you are comfortable bidding while also allowing you to participate in the auction without being in front of your device at the time of the lot closing

To place this type of bid on the mobile bidding engine, simply navigate to the lot you wish to place your bid on. Look for and select on the Green Text stating “Update Max Bid”. Once selected you will see a pop-up with the title “Set/Update Max/Proxy Bid”. Click the dialog box and enter a numerical value you wish to set as the proxy bid. Once number has been set click the green set button. After you have set the number click the green confirm button to confirm the selection. You will see a dialog box appear with the following text if the bid was places successfully – “Max Proxy Placed”.

Quick Bid – This method allows you at a click of a mouse to place a bid. This form of bidding allows you to place bids as the auction progresses. The Aucto system will automatically go to the next value in the series of bids. This gives an up to the second control over bidding, while viewing the auction as it progresses.

To place a quick bid on the mobile bidding engine, simply navigate to the lot you wish to place your bid on. Look for and select the green Bid Button. This button will also state the amount of the next bid on that lot. Once selected you will be brought to the confirmation page. To confirm the bid, click the green confirm button. Once bid is placed you will see a dialog pop-up box stating, “New Bid Placed”.

Additionally, as you are bidding on items in the auction you can quickly track what items you are winning and being outbid on for quick information at a glance. Under the lots tab items your bid is currently leading will display as green, while lots you have bid on that you are losing will turn red.

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