How Do I Register to be an Approved Buyer?

To participate in an upcoming auction, you must make sure your account is verified to learn how to do that click here. Unlike other platforms on Aucto you do not need to register for each sale, however, you register to be an approved buyer for sellers. Once you become an approved buyer for a seller, you will be eligible to participate in every public sale the seller hosts. To become an approved buyer for a seller you must select the sale you wish to participate in.

After you have navigated to your desired auction’s catalog page you will notice two blue “Start Bidding” buttons. One is located at the top of the page as well as a second one located halfway down the page before the lot list begins. Click either one of these buttons to begin the registration process. You will then be directed to a lot page. From here click the Blue Register to Bid button. If you are not currently logged into your account you will see a grey login to bid. You must be logged in to bid.

After you click the register to bid button the seller’s sales terms, removal terms, and payment terms will appear on the screen in a pop-up. Please review all the seller’s terms as these hold important information regarding the sale. Once you have reviewed all the terms in the bottom right corner you click the blue next button.

Once all terms are agreed to, you will be redirected back to the auction catalog page. You will now be eligible to begin placing bids on the lots you wish to purchase. In future sales by the seller, you will be able to begin bidding directly without going through the registration process.

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