How Do I Submit an Offer in a Tender?

In order to submit a sealed bid in a tender, you must complete the following steps. Please note unlike a standard auction on the lot timer does not extend if a bid is submitted within the final minute before closing.

Step #1
Navigate to the tender you wish to participate in. Once you have found the Tender with a lot you wish to submit your bid on. Once on the tender, you will see a blue “Register to Bid” button click this button

Step #2
After clicking the “Register to Bid” button you will be directed to the registration form. Please ensure all applicable fields in the form are filled including “Credit Card Number” and “Expiry Date”. Once all fields are completed click the Blue “Register for Tender” button.

Step #3
After completing the registration form you must agree to the seller’s terms and conditions. Make sure you review each term closely. If you agree to the terms and conditions simply click the “I Agree” button.

Step #4
After agreeing to the seller’s terms and conditions you must review and agree to the Aucto terms and conditions. After reviewing these terms if you agree simply click the “I Agree” button

Step #5
After agreeing to the terms your registration will be submitted to the seller. The seller can choose who can bid in their tender. Most buyers get approved to participate within 24 hours.

Step #6
Once approved to bid simply navigate to the lot in the tender you wish to submit an offer on and click the green “Submit Sealed Bid” button.

Step #7
After clicking the Submit Sealed Bid button you will see a pop-up title Place Sealed Bid. Here you can enter the amount you wish to bid. Once you have entered the amount you wish to bid press the “Place Sealed Bid” button. You will then see a reminder of the Seller’s terms and conditions and be required to press the “I Agree” button if you wish to proceed. After the seller’s terms and conditions, you will be reminded of the Aucto terms and conditions. Click the “Agree and Place Sealed Bid” if you wish to finalize submitting your bid.

You have now successfully placed your sealed bid. You can tell this because on the lot you placed your bid on it will now have an orange Update My Bid button with your current bid listed below.

If you have any questions regarding Submitting a Sealed Bid in a Tender or would like to learn more about Tenders simply contact Aucto support by emailing: or calling (844) 326-7305.


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