How to add and manage lots in an auction

Aucto’s intuitive inventory management system allows you to add and manage lots very easily in an auction. To add and manage lots follow these easy steps:

  1. Starting from the home page, go to seller tools and select manage auctions.

  2. Here you will see the auctions that you have set up using the auction setup wizard.

  3. Click on the auction you wish to add lots to and you will find options to add a single lot, add bulk lots and upload photos.

  4. To upload a single lot, click on “add single lot” and enter the appropriate information into the setup wizard.

    1. Let’s make the first lot, lot #100.

    2. Enter a title for your lot, the title is very important as this is the first thing that bidders will see when they view your lots, this should include the make and model number/name.

    3. Details are optional, any additional information that you would want potential bidders to know about the lot.

    4. Starting bid is where the price for this lot in the auction will begin, typically you want this to be a lower amount to entice potential buyers to start bidding.

    5. Increment is how much the price will go up when someone places a bid, this number must a be a multiple of 5, we would recommend you use the auto increment feature which will increase the incremental amounts as the bidding price rises.

    6. Specify a removal cost, if you want to charge the buyer a removal fee you can set a fixed amount, you can have the buyer contact you for a quote for any lots that require specialty removal or the buyer can pick up the lot, at no cost to the buyer.

    7. Reserve value is the minimum amount that the lot will go for, if the lot does not meet the reserve amount in the auction then the lot will not be sold.

    8. Buy it now price is optional.

    9. Lastly specify the brand and model number and click on add lot.

    10. Upload high resolution photos and also lot specific PDF Files.

  5. Once completed you have successfully added a lot to the auction.

  6. To edit a lot in an auction, under actions click on “Edit” and you can now edit the lot to your choosing.

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