How to setup an auction

Aucto makes setting up an auction very easy with Aucto’s auction setup wizard, to setup an auction, follow these easy steps:

  1. Starting from the homepage, hover over seller tools and select manage auctions

  2. Under manage auctions in the seller tools on the left side, select “add new”

    1. Auction Information

      1. Enter an auction title, a poor title could result in a poorly performing auction, ensure that your title is accurate and enticing. (Ex. Complete Pulp and Paper Plant Auction)

      2. Specify the end date and time of the auction, (Ex. If your auction ends at 5PM, your first lot in the auction will end at 5:01, and every lot after that will end at 1 minute intervals. Lot 30 would end at 5:30

      3. Specify up to three appropriate categories for the auction

      4. Determine if you are hosting a private auction. A private auction is when you (the seller) has control over who can view and bid on the auction with an invitation system

      5. Proceed to step 2

    2. Asset Locations and Live Dates

      1. Enter the location of where your auction will be located and click on add location, if there is more than one location enter the details and click on add location,

      2. Determine if you will have a live event for your auction (this is more suited for auctioneers),

      3. Determine if you want to automatically approve bidders, selecting yes will give all bidders access to start bidding without your approval.

      4. Proceed to step 3

    3. Auction Terms

      1. Specify your sales terms (Ex. 30-day money back guarantee)

      2. Specify removal terms (Ex. small parcel and pickup only)

      3. Specify payment terms. (Ex. PayPal only)

      4. Determine your preferred currency (Ex. USD, CAD)

      5. Specify the payment instructions (Ex. Payment required within 24 hours of winning lot)

      6. Determine if you will charge a sales tax

      7. Proceed to step 4

    4. Auction Design & Templates

      1. Select a pre-built template for your auction

      2. Determine if you will use your company logo or not (Ex. auctioneers can use the logo of the company that they are representing)

      3. If you have general PDF documents related to the auction you can upload them here

      4. Click on finish wizard to complete the auction creation wizard

  3.  Your auction will not be live until you publish it, the next step for you to take is to add lots to your auction

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