What Do I Do After My Tender Ends?

After your Tender has ended as a seller, you must decide if you are going to award a winning bid. You have seven days from the end date of your Tender to award a winning bid. If you do not award a winning bid, all lots in Ended status will be moved to unsold status. To see the bids submitted on your lots in the Tender, you must navigate to the Sellers dashboard.

Once in the seller’s dashboard, you must do the following:
Step #1 – After opening your seller tools dashboard, navigate and click on the menu option Past Tenders. After finding the Tender, you wish to award winners on click the “Manage” button.

Step #2 – After clicking the “Manage” button, you will be directed to the Tender Lots. Under status, you will see two statuses by default. You will see “Ended” and “Unsold.” Ended means the lot has received bids and is ready for you to award a winner if you wish. Unsold means you did not receive any bids on this lot. To view the bids, click the “View” button.

Step #3 – After opening the bids on your lot, you will be able to see the Aucto username of the person who placed a bid in your Tender, the bid type, the date and time they placed their bid, and the Bid amount. On the right side of the pop-up, you will see Award Lot buttons, clicking on this button will award the lot to this bidder. Once you click the “Award Lot,” a pop-up will appear. Click OK on the pop-up to proceed.

If there are no bids you wish to award the lots to, you do not need to press anything. Upon awarding a lot, the buyer will be notified that they have placed the winning bid.

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