What does buying on Aucto cost?

It is 100% free to create and use an Aucto account. With an Aucto account you can browse auctions, liquidations and lots and view onsite auctions as they happen in real time.

If you choose to purchase a lot from an auction or liquidation, you are committing to buy that lot and pay any fees associated with that lot. Any costs associated with a lot are clearly displayed, so buyers are able to make an informed decision about their purchase.

Item Cost

The buy now price of the lot in liquidation or the final bid amount in auction format.

Removal Fees

The cost to dismantle and remove the item from its location and prepare the item for shipping. Typically, removal fees are only associated with larger equipment that require labor or special equipment to remove.

Shipping Cost

The cost to ship the product to the buyer. In most instances buyers are able to arrange their own carrier for shipping if they choose to do so. Typically, in auctions buyers are expected to arrange their own shipping.

Buyer’s Premium

In the liquidation world buyer’s premium is typically charged by sellers to cover their administrative expense of conducting the liquidation.

Buyer’s Premium in Auctions and Liquidations

If you purchase a lot from an auction or liquidation event, the buyer’s premium is predetermined by Aucto at 7% of the buy it now prices.

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