What is an Anonymous Seller?

An anonymous seller is a seller on Aucto.com that wishes to ensure that their identity is not known by the public. This can be done on a sale by sale basis. As part of the anonymity the seller’s name, any logo or branding, and any identifying information will not be displayed on Aucto.com to any individual who is not approved to participate in the sale. Only approved bidders will be able to see the identity of the seller.

The sale will be conducted as per standard Aucto auctions with the buyer needing to agree to the sellers terms before being permitted to submit bids. The seller must provide their own sales and removal terms. To learn more about hosting an anonymous sale on Aucto please contact Aucto seller support by calling (844) 326-7305 or emailing: support@aucto.com.

How Do I Make a Sale Anonymous?

To set-up an anonymous sale you will need to have this featured activated by the Aucto seller support team. After the Aucto seller support team provides you with access you will need to follow the following steps.

Step #1 – Add a New Auction

From inside the dashboard of your Aucto sellers account click the add a new auction menu option on the left side of the screen.

Step #2 – Complete Step One of the Auction Wizard

Complete Step One of the auction wizard by entering a descriptive title for the auction, the end date and time of the auction. After you must select the category from the provided options that best suits your sale. After selecting the appropriate category for your sale you will see two new buttons pop-up underneath the categories. First you must select if this is a private auction, after this selection you will need to select yes to make this sale an anonymous sale. After ensuring the anonymous sale event option is set to yes click next step.

Step #3 – Set Asset Locations

Add all locations for the assets that will be sold in this sale. Click the add new location button and ensure all required information is entered including address, country, state, city, zip/postal code and tax rate. Once all asset locations have been added click the blue next step button in the right hand corner.

Step #4 – Auction Terms

Enter in your terms for the sale. Make sure you enter your proper terms in the proper fields. Please note. Even though you are running an anonymous sale, these terms will be accessible to the general public. Buyers must agree to your terms in order to register and bid in your sale. Please ensure that your company information is not revealed in your terms if you wish to stay anonymous to the general public. Once all your terms have been entered click the next step button

Step #5 – Auction Design & Template

For the final step of the auction wizard you will have the option to upload a new logo for the sale as well any pdf documents for bidders to download. The new logo you upload will only be visible to those who are approved to bid in your Auction. When complete click the Finish button

Step #6 – Upload Lots & Photos

After completing the Auction wizard you will now be able to upload your lots and photos. You can either upload lots individually or through a bulk upload. After uploading your lots you then must upload your images.

Step #7 – Publish Auction

After uploading all your auction lots and photos navigate to the auction General Information tab. After loading this section move the status of the auction in the top right from draft to view-only or publish. After making your selection click Apply. Now the auction will be submitted to the Aucto seller support team to be reviewed and approved to go live on Aucto.

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