What is Aucto?

Aucto.com is an online industrial marketplace. A place where buyers and sellers can buy and sell industrial equipment and assets with peace of mind and E-commerce’s speed & power.

Our Story

Aucto.com was created out of necessity. We believed the existing model of selling surplus industrial equipment needed improvement. We built a platform that empowers sellers and allows buyers to purchase industrial assets at fair market value. We focused on providing businesses with the technology, asset knowledge, marketing expertise, and buyer base to sell their used and surplus assets.

From selling a few parts to liquidating an entire facility, Aucto provides a simple and effective way to sell surplus industrial assets at fair market value. Businesses can now leverage our platform to find buyers from all over the world.To make the selling process even more straightforward, Aucto offers turnkey listing services and onsite training to get you started on the platform.

Join the group of industrial auctioneers, machinery dealers, and international corporations currently selling thousands of items on Aucto.com every month.

Our Solution

Aucto.com provides sellers direct access to an active marketplace to host online auctions and tenders for surplus industrial assets. Upload your inventory, set your sales terms, approve bidders, and watch Aucto’s marketing campaigns bring buyers directly to your sale. After the sale is complete you can create invoices and collect payments directly through the Aucto portal.

Our Results

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