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Improve Your Bottom Line

With increasing costs for labor and raw materials and the need to focus on greater efficiency, organizations have asked many of their teams to identify new ways to increase revenue or improve profitability. Aucto’s platform provides the opportunity for organizations to maximize their return on assets by turning their surplus equipment, materials and parts into opportunities for increasing net margin.

Reduce Risk

For many, accessing the second markets can feel they are navigating into the unknown. The Aucto platform and software is built to help you transact in the second market in a secure and compliant manner. Aucto’s focus on providing control and transparency mitigates any potential risk associated with legal terms, tax, finance, Know-Your-Customer (KYC) and site safety. Its why the largest companies in the world use Aucto to manage their asset disposition processes.

Focus on Sustainability

Sustainable operations are top-of-mind for automotive manufacturers, which leads to an increased focus on eliminating waste in operations. These initiatives are resulting in better processes and products, accelerated innovation and more environmentally-friendly facilities. Aucto provides our clients with alternate solutions for their surplus equipment and assets, and enables them to avoid landfills to help achieve sustainability mandates.

Surplus Due to Electrification Shift

Years of innovation and progress are making electric vehicles readily available. As the demand shifts from fossil-fueled vehicles to electric vehicles, automotive manufacturers will need to re-think their manufacturing equipment and processes. Aucto will help you find new homes for machinery you no longer need while helping you recover value to fund the costly changes and updates needed for electric vehicle manufacturing equipment and tools.

Enable a Circular Supply Chain

Your assets have a life beyond financial depreciation. With increasing pressure on automotive supply networks, its more important than ever to consider innovative sourcing strategies and maximizing recovery from obsolete and surplus assets. Through identification, redeployment and resale of surplus assets, organizations can build a more durable and efficient supply chain. Aucto can help streamline this process across the entire enterprise.

We Work With Leaders Across the Automotive Industry

Join the growing number of Automotive clients selling and managing their surplus assets on Aucto.

We just completed our first Sale Event with Aucto and are very pleased with the results. Aucto helped us attract close to 2,000 views for our sale through their customized marketing campaigns and we were able to sell ALL 250+ items in only 17 days! Without the Aucto platform, these items would have probably ended up in a junkyard or a landfill so it’s been great to ensure we are also meeting our sustainability objectives while adding back to our bottom line.

From the sign-up process to receiving the funds from the sale, everything was so quick and super simple. We are looking forward to holding future sales on the Aucto platform and are exploring how Aucto can help with all our asset management requirements. Thank you, Aucto Team!