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Adhere to Compliance and Regulatory Requirements

Ensuring compliance and regulatory requirements are met continue to be one of the top focuses for the Energy sector. Aucto provides our Energy industry clients with transparency, control, and audit-ready reporting on all asset recovery-related transactions to ensure regulatory compliance requirements can be met easily.

Focus on Sustainability

Energy organizations have accelerated their focus on sustainability initiatives to look for more environmentally friendly energy sources. These initiatives result in better processes, accelerated innovation, and more environmentally friendly facilities. Aucto provides our Energy clients with alternate solutions for their surplus equipment and assets and enables them to avoid landfills to help achieve sustainability goals.

Manage Local and International Operations

Energy organizations have operations globally, making it difficult for the them to know what assets are surplus. Aucto provides our clients in the Energy sector with complete transparency and visibility into all their assets once they’re on the platform. This enables the organization to determine what is surplus to operations and offer them the ability to re-deploy or sell the equipment directly from the project site without any extensive effort.

Meet Current Demands

Energy companies are working around the clock to keep up with the market’s current demands. You need all hands on deck to ensure your core business continues to operate smoothly. The last thing you want to worry about is not having visibility on your assets and inventory or excessive equipment and machinery taking up precious storage space. With Aucto, you can easily streamline the management, redeployment, or resale of any surplus asset with just a few clicks of a button.

We Work with Leaders Across the Energy Industry

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