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Maximize Asset Value

Aucto’s enterprise platform provides the opportunity for organizations in the utilities sector to maximize the net recovery rate in its asset disposition efforts. By identifying surplus assets and looking for the best alternate home for them – whether its other locations within the organization.  peers in their network or finding a buyer that has a need for that asset, Aucto has helped our utility clients generate cash flow quickly and make a positive impact to their bottom line.

Focus On Sustainability

Like many other industries, utility organizations are focusing on the benefits of sustainability initiatives. These initiatives result in better processes and products, accelerated innovation, and more environmentally friendly facilities. Aucto provides our clients with alternate solutions for their surplus equipment and assets and enables them to avoid landfills to help achieve sustainability mandates.

Asset Management in Shift to Renewable Energy

As many power generation utilities around the world shift from coal-burning facilities to new and cleaner power generation methods, many coal plants are being decommissioned. Aucto has helped these organizations manage and recover value from these events by either redeploying or reselling surplus assets. Our solution provides a one-stop-shop solution that identifies all your equipment and assets to find them an alternate home while keeping environmental factors in mind and recovering asset value.

Streamline Ongoing Operations

Customers expect utility organizations to be operating 24/7, and are considered essential services. Aucto provides our utility clients with complete visibility into all their assets across every facility, allowing them to determine what equipment and machinery are surplus and what assets they need to purchase to ensure operations are running smoothly at all times.

We Work With Leaders Across the Utilities Industry

Join the growing number of Utilities clients selling and managing their surplus assets on Aucto.

SRP selected Aucto to help with the disposition of their capital assets for the NGS facility closure. The Aucto support team always went the extra mile and tried new things to support us. If SRP has the opportunity to use any company to help with their next facility closure, SRP would select Aucto without any delay based on their outstanding performance.

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