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Take Charge of Your Asset Recovery Program

Regain control over your used equipment sales.
With Aucto.com, you decide every aspect of your sale process. Set your sales terms,
review and approve bidders. Decide what to sell, and control how much to sell for.

Sell on your own terms

You sell what you want when you want, to whom you wish to. You have complete control over all aspects of your sale, including your sales terms, removal terms, and payment terms.

Mitigate Risk

All buyers must agree to all your terms. This means the sale proceeds precisely as you desire. Allowing you to mitigate any potential risk associated with selling industrial equipment.

Transparent Selling Process

When selling on Aucto, you have a clear and transparent selling process. You have transparency in all aspects of the sale. This includes who is buying your equipment, and how your sale is marketed.

Integrated Sales Orders & Payments

Our integrated sales orders and payment solution is integrated directly into your account. This means you can manage this process without ever leaving the site.

Powerful Reporting

Our analytics and reporting provide you with all the details from your sale. This includes advertising summary, item views, and much more.

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Think You Don't Have The Right Assets To Sell?
Think Again!

Regardless of the industrial asset, you are looking to sell,
Aucto.com has the experience needed to help you find the right buyer for your surplus.
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We Market Your Assets

Every sale on Aucto has a dedicated marketing campaign behind it.
We target likely buyers for your industrial assets through a powerful combination of marketing strategies. Our goal is to maximize the exposure for your assets, allowing you to receive the highest possible value.

Email Marketing

Print Advertising

PPC Marketing

Inside Sales

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Here are just a few questions that are frequently asked by our first-time sellers.

Aucto is open to sellers of any size and industry. Our sellers range from individuals resellers to large fortune 100 corporations. All our sellers are reviewed and vetted to ensure the security of our buyers. Whether you are a large corporation or a machinery dealer, Aucto.com offers a selling solution designed to quickly and effectively liquidate your surplus industrial assets.

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