CNC Machinery & Tooling from Haldex - Major Automotive Supplier

267 Lots

Triumph Aerostructures LLC 747 Fuselage Mfg Facility 6th Sale

457 Lots
Seller: RAAR Auctions USA LLC

Auction of Arc Welding Robots, Welders and Operating Equipment from Major Tier 1 Automotive Supplier

213 Lots
Seller: NRI Industrial Sales LLC.

Surplus Room Circuit Breakers

45 Lots

Surplus Trucks, Forklifts & Trailers to Ongoing Operations of Praxair/Linde

10 Lots

R&D Machine Shop & Tooling

417 Lots
Seller: Automatics & Machinery

Surplus Tube & Pipe Benders & Machinery

9 Lots
Seller: Allset Machinery

HSS & Carbide Drill Bits & Reamers

305 Lots
Seller: Steel Coast Trading Co

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