Buying Process
through Escrow
Inspection Period

A transparent bidding process...

No surprises, No games, Hassle-free

Comprehensive Item Descriptions
Unhindered Communication with Sellers
Live Media Stream
Transparent Bidding History

Your Payment is protected through Escrow

The Seller doesn't get paid, Until you're satisfied

Buyer Submits Payment to Escrow via APD

Seller Releases Equipment to Buyer

3 Day Inspection period

Payment is Released to Seller

Learn more about how Aucto protects your cash

After Sale Inspections and Claims

Most transactions on Aucto go smoothly. However, if there is a problem with your purchase, Aucto's Buyer Protection Policy will ensure you receive the items you bought or get your money back.

Once you purchase and pay for an item on Aucto, you will have 3 days to inspect the item and ensure your purchase is as described. If the item you received is materially different from the description, you can file a claim and Aucto will help you work through a resolution with the Seller or get your money back.

To learn more about Aucto's Buyer Protection and Dispute Resolution Process, Click Here

Payment must be processed through Aucto Payment Distributor

Buyer has 3 days to file a claim upon assuming possession of purchased goods

Buyer and Seller initiate a dispute resolution process

If no resolution is reached between Buyer and Seller, Aucto will mediate a resolution

Qualified and Trusted Sellers

Vetted Sellers
Continuous Monitoring
Feedback Profile

Things to remember before buying on Aucto:

Buyer protection only applies when paying through Aucto's Payment Portal

Not all items or events apply for Aucto Buyer Protection, look for the Aucto Buyer Protection logo on the item page to verify if item applies for Aucto Buyer Protection

All items on Aucto are sold in as-is, where-is condition, unless otherwise specified

Aucto Buyer Protection covers Buyers against items which are significantly misrepresented

Check our legal terms for full details

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