Payment Terms

MANNER OF PAYMENT – All bills must be paid within 48 hours of the end of the sale (Receiving your winning notice/invoice from Aucto). We will accept your company check under the following conditions: a.) The check is certified at time the of purchase b.) You submit a letter from your bank at time of purchase, guaranteeing unqualified payment of your check. All checks for balances due are to be made payable to the order of: LEE STEVENS MACHINEY INC.. All checks are to be cashiers or certified funds, Company checks with a Bank Guarantee, CASH WILL BE ACCEPTED AT CHECK. NO PERSONAL CHECKS WILL BE ACCEPTED! Contact Lee Stevens Machinery for Wire Transfer information 248-926-8400 or Email: The full purchase price, on all lots purchased, must be paid prior to the removal of any of the lots. -EXAMPLE BELOW: Please show this letter to your bank. To: Lee Stevens Machinery, Inc. Wixom, Mi Mr. (Customer Name) of (Company Name) is a customer at this bank. This bank will guarantee irrevocable, unqualified payment for full face value stated on this letter to Lee Stevens Machinery for checks drawn on (account number) for an amount up to $_____.00. This letter is Valid for seven (7) days and for the (Name of Auction) ONLY.