Sales Terms

2. SALE TERMS: a. All items up for auction will be sold to the highest bidder in accordance with the Terms of the Sale. b. If for any reason an item shall become non-deliverable, IARG/JAINES, LLC shall not, in any event, be liable for non-delivery, or for any other matter or thing, to any Buyer of any lot, other than for the return to the Buyer of monies paid to IARG/JAINES LLC for lot, should the Buyer be entitled thereto. c. Industrial Asset Recovery Group, LLC expressly reserves the right to determine the manner of conducting the Asset Recovery Project (ARP) and to sell items by individual or group lots, as it may deem appropriate. d. IARG and Seller disclaim all warranties, expressed or implied, about the merchantability of the items and their fitness for a particular purpose. e. IARG assumes no liability for error or omissions for anything written or published in regards to the ARP. f. The buyer/rigger is responsible for all waste/oil/substance in the removal of assets, along with any trash made while doing this process.

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