Sales Terms

PLEASE READ ALL TERMS & CONDITIONS PRIOR TO BIDDING. These terms and conditions govern the relationship between you (the "Purchaser" or "Buyer") and NRI Industrial Sales LLC/NRI Industrial Sales Inc. (the "Seller"). PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING TERMS AND CONDITIONS CAREFULLY, THE SELLER WILL NOT WAIVE ANY TERM OR CONDITION CONTAINED HEREIN AND PUTS ALL PURCHASERS ON STRICT NOTICE THAT THESE TERMS SHALL BE ENFORCED. BUYER’S PREMIUM - A buyer's premium of 18% will be applied to invoice in addition to the sales price and shall be paid as part of the total purchase price. All sales prices are listed in US dollars. Depending on the residence of the successful purchaser, local state or provincial sales taxes may be charged by Seller. NO WARRANTIES - All property is sold "as is" and the Seller makes no warranties or representations (express, implied or otherwise) regarding merchantability, fitness, use, operation, or quality of the property and no statement anywhere shall be deemed such a warranty, representation or condition. Prospective Purchasers should inspect the property before bidding to determine its condition and quality. Each item is sold by the Seller with all faults and defects and with all errors of description and is to be taken and paid for whether genuine and authentic or not; and no compensation shall be paid for same. RIGHTS RESERVED- The Seller reserves the right to reject any bid at any time before or after the sale. The highest Purchaser acknowledged by the Seller will be the purchaser. In the event of any dispute between Purchasers, or in the event of doubt on the part of us as to the validity of any bid, the Seller will have the final discretion either to determine the successful Purchaser or to re offer and resell the article in dispute. If any dispute arises after the sale, the Seller's sale record is conclusive. The Seller further reserves the right to withdraw any item(s) at any time before or after the actual sale. PERSONAL AND PROPERTY RISK- Persons attending during exhibition, sale or removal of goods assume all risks of damage of or loss to person and property and specifically release and indemnify the Seller from liability thereof. Neither the Seller nor its principal, consignor, agents, employees, directors, or officers shall be liable by reason of any defect in or condition of the premises in which the sale is held. INDEMNITY- The Buyer does hereby assume and does agree to indemnify and hold the Seller, its principal, consignor, agents, employees, directors, or officers harmless from any future claim, which shall pertain to the fitness or use of that asset as being purchased. ADDITIONAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Additional terms or conditions of sale may be added by Seller by announcement or posted on the premises prior to the auction.

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