Payment Terms

All payments must be made through the Aucto Payment Gateway (APG). Buyers have below options to send payments: - Wire Transfer - ACH - Automated Clearing House (US) - EFT - Electronic Funds Transfer (Canada) - Credit Card (ONLY available for sale orders less than 5000 USD or 5000 CAD) - Instructions will be available via APG to winners after a sale has concluded. Aucto will NOT accept Cash, Check, E-Check, Cashier's Check or Bank Drafts as payment options. Unless specified by the seller in the "Sale Terms", all payments are due within 24 hours of a sale order being delivered. Please submit tax exemption forms to with your sale-order number in the subject line. Local tax laws may apply to Aucto Buyer’s Premium (Aucto BP or ABP). In most situations, tax on Aucto BP is not subject to tax exemption.