Payment Terms

ON-SITE BIDDERS will be charged a 15% Buyer’s Premium & INTERNET BIDDERS will be charged a 16.5% Buyer’s Premium. Please check each sale for the Premium to be charged. I acknowledge that I have provided IAAS Worldwide LLC a signed check for which I am the authorized signatory for all purposes, without restriction, sufficient to pay this negotiable instrument upon demand. I authorized IAAS Worldwide LLC to obtain my financial information from any source and complete the check as necessary for the amount of my invoice at the auction to be presented for payment. I agree to pay all cost of collections including attorney’s fees, to pay interest at the rate of 18%, unless prohibited by law, and in such case at the highest amount permitted by law from the date of issuance of this check if dishonored by a financial institution, to waive any requirement of presentment, to the exclusive jurisdiction of the executed Auction Bidders Agreement for any dispute relating to this instrument. A credit instrument is identical to a personal check. Willfully drawing or passing a credit instrument knowing there are insufficient funds in an account upon which may be drawn, or with the intent to defraud, is a crime which may result in criminal prosecution. I and Company/Corporation have read, understand, accept and hereby acknowledge and agree to all of the Terms & Conditions as stated above and further hereby agree to abide by any and all posted notices and announcements made hereafter pertaining to the terms and conditions of this auction sale whether present or not. There will now be 3% fee to use a major credit card. _______________________________________________________ SIGNATURE BIDDER # __________________________ ________ AUCTION NAME _____________________________ AUCTION DATE ________________________________________________________ COMPANY/CORPORATION ________________________________________________________ INDIVIDUAL’S NAME ________________________________________________________ STREET ADDRESS ________________________________________________________ CITY, STATE, ZIP Please contact IAAS WORLDWIDE LLC office for Credit Card Processing. Be prepared to provide valid customer identification (i.e. Auction name, company name, bidder name, bidder number, etc.) Wire Transfer Instructions are attached to this document. Please Note: There is a $20.00 incoming and outgoing fee for wire transfer payments. ____________________________|____________________________ PHONE 2ND PHONE ____________________________|____________________________ FAX DRIVER LICENSE # ________________________________________________________ EMAIL email will automatically be added to our mailing list. *Please initial here to opt out ______ Attach business card here.